From a short workshop, an event or to accredited training, I will assist you in strengthening your intuition and developing your psychic abilities. Discovering your innate gifts will improve your life and well-being and who knows, a whole new career path!

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Practitioner Training

Harmony Me Healing is the new approved healing modality spreading across Australia. It is a gentle combination of energy healing, soothing hands-on healing and empowering intuitive guidance to help you invigorate yourself and your well-being. Are you ready to become a practitioner and empower your clients too?

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Tune In and Tune Out

Ever wanted to know what the connection with Spirit feels like?  Are you starting out on your soulful journey or have been immersed in soul growth for a while now, but still not aware of what protection is, how to lift your vibrations to a high level for Spirit/Guide communications or know how to truly ground yourself?

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Reading the Cards

Cards are a tool to help bring out your intuition and make a strong connection with your Guides. Using the cards will give you confidence in the messages you can receive for yourself or others. 
I've been using the cards for nearly 30 years and have found messages for myself in them as well as for others...

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Psychic Strengths

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be psychic… well now’s your chance to know! This is a fully-interactive workshop where you'll learn what your psychic strengths are, that we all possess them and how to use them to their full potential...

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Frisky's Workshops

Enjoy coffee, tea and cake at the wonderful Frisky Deer Interiors & Cafe in Mandurah, and enjoy a psychic experience with me. Each workshop is held on a Thursday evening and a different theme...

Free E-Course

Sick of feeling unmotivated, not knowing your purpose or generally struggling through each day? Want to know how to feel better in energy, health and vitality? Here's your chance with this free mini e-course...