The Tune Workshop

Tune In, Tune Out, Tune Up!

Ever wanted to know what the connection with Spirit feels like?

Are you starting out on your soulful journey or have been immersed in soul growth for a while now, but still not aware of what protection is, how to lift your vibration to a high level for Spirit/Guide communications or know how to truly ground yourself?

These are all terms used often in the spiritual field, yet many don’t understand what they really mean. This can have strong consequences if you’re feeling your way through meditation, giving healing or readings, or even wanting to expand on your spiritual awareness.  It’s imperative you know how to tune yourself appropriately.

What does that mean?

Whether you work in the spiritual field or are just starting out on your personal or professional journey, this is a workshop that you MUST take to know safe and correct procedures.

  • Do you know how to open up safely?
  • Do you know the best way to ground yourself?
  • Do you know how to tune into yourself?

Did you know?

When I started out I was given plenty of advice on how important protection was when working with Spirit or giving healing.  Yet no one showed me how to do it!  If you are meditating or wanting to tune in to Spirit or higher vibrations, proper and thorough protection is extremely important for safe interaction.

Being in touch with truly, loving Spirit takes simple methods that everyone can achieve. I developed these techniques with my Guides and have been sharing with people for many years how to achieve this. Some have attended simply for personal reasons and have reaped the benefits for it.  Imagine what it could do for your business too!

By investing in this workshop you benefit your own personal growth as well as your work. Consider strengthening your intuition and your ability to be clear and focused in three simple steps!


♥ Learn strong protection for Spirit and energy work

♥  Understand true ‘tuning in’

♥  Safe techniques for tuning out and grounding yourself

♥  Strengthen your intuition

♥  Connect on a higher level for messages from Spirit

♥  Get the most out of your intuition if you work in the spiritual field

What Others are Saying:

"On my spiritual journey I have learnt and gained so much from Marnie's sessions. In particular I took part in the Tune Workshop - Tune In, Tune Out, Tune Up. This was incredible, I have always had that "gut instinct" but never knew how to listen and follow it, this workshop taught me how to get more in tune with my inner self. At the time I was just starting a new career pathway and with Marnie, the guides and learning more I was able to make some big decisions."

Georgia, Ziya Independent Distributor, Northam, Western Australia

Are you Ready to Tune In, Tune Out, Tune Up?

You could also consider the one-on-one session with me without having to wait for the group workshop!