Terms & Conditions Online Course

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Please read the terms and conditions for the online development course carefully as there is a no refund policy once you have registered. If you agree to register, you are accepting these terms and conditions:

Under no circumstances are the documents, digital downloads and information provided in ‘Ready & Awakened - Intro to Psychic Development’ to be shared digitally or physically. This includes taking screenshots of information given in the group or recording MARNIE CATE during Zoom meetings without her permission. Legal action will be taken if you are found to be sharing anything that belongs to MARNIE CATE intended for the use of ‘Ready & Awakened - Intro to Psychic Development’.

MARNIE CATE will not tolerate any bullying or negativity in the group or to anyone participating in ‘Ready & Awakened - Introduction to Psychic Development’. Please do not comment in aggression, anger or make accusations. Failure to be respectful of others will result in a permanent ban from the Facebook group and course.

‘Ready & Awakened - Introduction to Psychic Development’ is non-refundable upon registration and failure to meet your weekly subscriptions will result in legal action. By initially registering, you are agreeing to these terms.

MARNIE CATE will be available Mon-Friday during business hours AWST only via the Facebook group: Ready & Awakened with Marnie Cate, email hello@marnie-cate.com or via Facebook message on https://www.facebook.com/marniecateclairvoyant/

Please respect the trading hours and allow a reasonable amount of time to reply.

Everything you require for the ‘Ready & Awakened - Intro to Psychic Development’ course can be found in the Facebook group or through the MARNIE CATE dropbox (link provided once course commences).

The units will be updated each Monday morning for the new week.

It is your responsibility to be committed to the course and implement everything MARNIE CATE is teaching to get the most out of it. It requires 30 minutes of homework/practical a day, at the most.

Relax, enjoy and have fun! Throw yourself in to get the most out of it and support one another by sharing what you experience. This journey will bring joy and light to your growth and I'll be there to help you every step of the way x