Raw Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is the stone of love…

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Rose Quartz is a beautifully soulful stone known as the crystal of Love. Have a beautiful point in your main living areas, your bedroom or even at work to encourage self-love, esteem and confidence. Rose Quartz will remind you to think of YOU. It heals the heart and generates unconditional love.

It makes a wonderful gift for someone going through a difficult time with their confidence, if they’ve broken up from a relationship or even through the loss of someone they love. It also makes the perfect house-warming gift.

There are only 2 pieces of raw quartz available and at purchase one beautiful piece will be chosen for you.

Local pick up is at Frisky Deer cafe, Mandurah, Western Australia.

Note: Other crystals or items in the picture do not come with your purchase.

Please note that crystals have a life force of their own and can absorb energies very quickly. When you purchase a new crystal please remember to give it a cleanse so it can attune itself to your energy and work to it’s highest potential for you. Please also remember to check the terms and conditions before your purchase.

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