Pyrite Clusters


Pyrite clusters are stunning. Known as Fool’s Gold…

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Pyrite is a powerful stone that brings protection. It is known as Fool’s Gold and is also a crystal that will bring abundance your way. By having it in your space, it reminds you that you are worthy, that you are successful.

It also encourages good physical health and well-being, reminding you to take care of yourself. Pyrite is a striated stone which means it is a self-cleanser and you won’t need to give it a regular cleanse, although it would love a night in the full moon!

Clusters are versatile. They amplify good energy, bring healing and assist the health and energy of other crystals. They are brilliant for bringing focus into any situation, and will generate what you want in your life. Place it by your bedside, on your desk or position one in a crystal grid to really magnify it’s energy.

Local pick up is at Frisky Deer cafe in Mandurah, Western Australia.

Note: Other crystals or items in the picture do not come with the Pyrite clusters.

Please note that crystals have a life force of their own and can absorb energies very quickly. When you purchase a new crystal please remember to give it a cleanse so it can attune itself to your energy and work to it’s highest potential for you. Please also remember to check the terms and conditions before your purchase.

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