Ocean Jasper

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Ocean Jasper is a powerful stone for healing, and especially…

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Ocean Jasper is a powerful stone for healing, and especially for healers to wear. It elevates the spirit and brings joy! While a healer is working (think nurse, counsellor, masseuse, healing practitioner) it generates positive energy and it flows from healer to receiver. Anyone can own this calming piece, as it will heal you as you help others.

Hold this beautiful stone in your hand and it will dissolve stress immediately. Worries, fears, doubts – all gone. Ocean Jasper can come in many forms, shapes and colours, and this one is in rich reds and earth tones. It’s the last in my stock and won’t last long!

Dimensions are 5×5.5x2cm and it weighs approximately 60gm. It’s a great size to sit in your palm while meditating or contemplating, and especially if you’re writing or getting creative. Wear it in a crystal keeper or keep at your place of work or by your bed.

Please note that crystals have a life force of their own and can absorb energies very quickly. When you purchase a new crystal please remember to give it a cleanse so it can attune itself to your energy and work to it’s highest potential for you. Please also remember to check the terms and conditions before your purchase.

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