Inspiration Cards

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Indulge in a little pack of cards to choose a message for each day! The range are…


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Indulge in a little pack of cards to choose a message for each day! The range are:

Fortune Cookies – are a fun way to find the answers to your most significant questions and concerns about love, money, travel and career. The Cookies are the perfect divination tool to guide you onto the right path by revealing what’s in store for your immediate future.

Buddha Wisdom Divine Feminine – (SOLD OUT) These sacred texts represent the divine feminine consciousness in Buddhism and are used to transcend mental obstacles by opening up your heart deeply so that divine guidance is possible. Invite the Wisdom from the heart of Kwan Yin to guide you on the path of the Perfection of Wisdom.

Divine Directions – (SOLD OUT) These inspirational cards will enable you to find the answers you need and help guide you past any obstacles that life throws in your way. Use the cards in love and light for your benefit. Ask that you be given clear and accurate information each time you choose a card. When you are ready, pick a card and give thanks.

Buddha Wisdom Divine Masculine – This beautiful gift set of 40 Divine Truth cards is inspired by the sacred text of ‘Dhammapada Sutra’, which is widely known as the words of Buddha. The Ultimate Truth of Wisdom provides you with powerful tools to illuminate all darkness and free the limitations of the reasoning mind. Upon the path of truth, you will gain the highest spiritual inspirations in resolving difficult problems in your life.

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