Halite is a stunning pale pink salt…

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Halite is a stunning pale pink salt!

This crystal hails from the Salton Sea in California. It is a fragile mineral and light as a feather despite it’s condensed appearance.

Halite’s healing is to cleanse your energy – personal and the atmosphere. It eases your moods and soothes mental instability. By helping with your energy, it then starts to heal your digestive system, helps with appetite issues and blood pressure troubles.

By keeping Halite in your home or work space, it enhances clear thinking and positive vibes. Even looking at it, it brings light and love to you!

Halite is very fragile as it is a salt and shouldn’t be put in water as it may dissolve or break apart. It is a self-cleanser and often helps to cleanse other gemstones. Due to it’s fragile makeup, this purchase is LOCAL PICK UP only.

Please note that crystals have a life force of their own and can absorb energies very quickly. When you purchase a new crystal please remember to give it a cleanse so it can attune itself to your energy and work to it’s highest potential for you. Please also remember to check the terms and conditions before your purchase.

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