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S O U L // Enhance your soul with this stunning crystal gift pack…

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S O U L // Enhance your soul with this stunning crystal gift pack.

This makes a gorgeous gift for yourself to enhance your soul, strengthen your intuition and help you keep the faith in your life. Or this is perfect for a loved one for Christmas!

Included in your crystal gift pack is:

Malachite tumble stone – Positive transformation stone, Malachite brings healing to energy and matters of the heart. It specialises in healing broken hearts, and assists you to be open again, to welcome in a new love. It helps you retain emotional balance and keeps all your energy centres (chakras) in harmony. Please note: Malachite is extremely toxic if this crystal is broken. Please dispose of carefully if the crystal chips or breaks and wash hands thoroughly.

Selenite tumble stone – Soothing and calming stone for the mind and soul. Instantly lifts pressure in the temples and crown. Brings truth and honesty to all situations. Settles all situations in personal and business ventures. Powerful to wear to calm and lift your spirits, wonderful to soothe energy in your home or work space.

Rose Quartz tumble stone – a beautifully soulful stone known as the crystal of Love. This crystal encourages self-love, esteem and confidence. Rose Quartz will remind you to think of YOU. It heals the heart and generates unconditional love.

Hemp Crystal Keeper – place your beautiful tumbled stones in this natural fibre, adjustable, crystal necklace. You can wear a different one each day, keeping the crystal close to your heart or wear it longer! Black or natural available.

Palo Santo – The holy wood from Peru that is a powerful smudging tool. Smudge your crystals to release them from the negative energy they’ve healed from you so they stay bright, upbeat and beautifully healing for you.

All packaged in a beautiful mustard, linen bag. Limited packs available.

Note: Clear Quartz cluster in the picture does not come with the Soul crystal gift pack.

Please note that crystals have a life force of their own and can absorb energies very quickly. When you purchase a new crystal please remember to give it a cleanse so it can attune itself to your energy and work to it’s highest potential for you. Please also remember to check the terms and conditions before your purchase.

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