Harmony Me Healing Practitioners


Welcome to the network of beautiful Harmony Me Healing Practitioners.

Over the past few years there have been many wonderful participants in my healing weekends and workshops, many of whom have completed the assessment process to become qualified Harmony Me Healing practitioners.

While each person has successfully completed the training with me to achieve their accreditation to be an accredited practitioner; each person has gifts and abilities that vary according to who they are and what they’ve experienced on their journey so far.

If you would like to experience a Harmony Me Healing, please see the details below to contact a Healer in your area ♥

Amber Wilcox

Harmony Me Healing Practitioner, Dunsborough, Western Australia

Amber is a deeply spiritual healer, helping people finding their balance in her business Talk to Me Clinic, as well as encouraging business owners to fall in love with their businesses through Cupid Accounts! Her abilities as a healer and a reader are her passions to help you in your daily life and with your soul.

Rackel Kennedy

Harmony Me Healing Practitioner, Northam, Western Australia

Rackel is a Harmony Me Healing specialist, a Sound Therapist and Group Sound Bath Meditation facilitator.

She also offers Crystal and Metaphysics sessions and is a stockist of VibesUP products.
Her sessions are soothing and bring well-being to your soul. Get in touch to make your appointment.