Harmony Me Healing is Energy Medicine

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 Participants learning and experiencing the energy medicine technique of Harmony Me Healing.

Participants learning and experiencing the energy medicine technique of Harmony Me Healing.

Become a Nationally Recognised

Harmony Me Healing Practitioner


Harmony Me Healing is the new approved healing modality spreading across Australia, created by Marnie Cate.

To become a newly qualified Harmony Me Healing Practitioner you need to complete the pre-requisite Level 1 - Foundations Energy Medicine workshop and the Level 2 Practitioner Training:

"Energy Medicine - the ability to read the energy fields of the body and to effectively understand what your body is trying to communicate."

Level 1 training is for anyone who wants:

  • personal development
  • to improve your well being
  • to boost your knowledge and intuitive abilities in your career as an alternative therapies practitioner (ie. Reiki Practitioner, Massage Therapist)
  • to develop your psychic abilities to the next level

Once you've completed this workshop you are ready to do the Level 2 training for Harmony Me Healing - Australia's newest and most empowering healing modality!


    "I signed up for Marnie's 'Harmony Me Healing' workshop because I was curious about how healing works and I am proud to say that I now have a qualification that will allow me to start my own business. The workshops were great fun and I learnt so much. Marnie clearly explains everything and there is plenty of opportunity for practising what you have learnt. Taking part in this workshop has been part of a personal journey for me, helping me to heal myself and realising that I can help others so I would highly recommend it whether for business or on a personal level."



    Who is this Training For?


    Want to know more about it?

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      I was seeking a modality that combined different elements and bring them together for a total, Mind, Body, Soul experience. This is what I found with these lovely workshops. For me personally, it allowed me to explore not only the energy healing side, but I also found personal growth as a person and a healer on a level I never dreamed was there. This was all offered to me in a safe, understanding and enjoyable space that Marnie provides, just loved it!!
      For my business, this healing modality was exactly what I needed to enhance my energy healings, by being able to read the clients energy from another angle, which in turn has also enhanced my psychic awareness, which I never dreamed would happen. My clients choose this healing method over any others that I have on offer as they love what they get out of it, regarding unblocking blocks, and realising how they can also take part in their own healing. I could talk for hours on this, def my favourite for myself and my clients.

      If you've already completed Level 1 (Energy Medicine) then please contact me to arrange registration for Level 2 only.

      What Harmony Me Healing can assist with...

      • Sleep issues
      • Anxiety and Panic Attacks
      • Depression
      • Joint Pain
      • Headaches
      • Loss and Grief
      • Repetitive Patterns
      • Illness and Dis-ease

      Imagine understanding what your body is trying to tell you if you're suffering pain on a mind, body and spirit level? If you want to be pro-active in your healing, Harmony Me Healing may bring a deeper level of peace.

      Many have experienced it, and now people are lining up to become qualified in Australia’s newest healing technique.

      By investing in this training, you benefit your own personal growth as well as beginning and/or strengthening yourself and your business.

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      Please also remember to check my terms and conditions before booking.