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My readings are channelled for most of the session. Messages of the past, present and future may come through, and from Spirit. I can never guarantee who or what will come through. Towards the end of the session an angel-card reading is given. 

Face-to-face, Skype, phone or email readings are offered. Email are the best when you live at a distance to me, or you can’t make a time due to time difference or other commitments. 1hr $189, half hour $139, Couples 1 hr $248

Harmony Me Healing

My healing sessions are a reading and healing together. You receive a three-card reading, an energy assessment and healing and a quiet, hands-on healing to bring balance and harmony back into your life.

During the energy healing, I am reading each of your chakras (energy centres) and passing on the messages, so the interaction helps and heals.

These sessions may help people with:

  • Sleep issues
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Feelings of being lost
  • Spiritual development
  • Wanting to learn meditation
  • Wanting to understand repetitive patterns or behaviours in the life
  • Wanting to experience a regression

and for so many other reasons.

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“I have continued to see Marnie over the years, especially when other avenues have failed to give me the answers I have needed. Needless to say on more than one occasion she has given me the hope that things will work out – I have a husband and a second child to prove it.”


Peel Region, WA

“Marnie has always given me the most detailed information that she receives through Spirit. I cry tears of joy every time my mom and dad come through with personal messages for me”



“The evening at Frisky Deer was WOW and a bit mindblowing. I was bordering on sceptical and wanting to believe until the other night. Knowing not everyone would have someone come through for them, and thinking ‘oh yeah that will be me, but all will be good’ and then bam straight away it was me.”

Frisky Deer Attendee

Mandurah, WA

“Marnie, thank you for doing our house cleanse. You truly have an amazing gift and a beautiful soul, it honestly blew me away how you do it. After you left I felt at peace with the house for the first time. Thank you so much.”


Mandurah, WA